I Love This Time Of Year

I love this time of year because the leaves start to turn, the weather gets cooler and the air seems to be much cleaner.  I love it for another reason also.  It is our busiest time of year from now until Christmas.  We specialize in helping non-profit organizations with their newsletters, appeals and invitations to their special events and they are sending in their art and mailing lists every day. This year it is also political season when the candidates are getting their last minute mailings out to the community. We are blessed with lots of work right now and we appreciate every one of our customers.

To celebrate the fall season, we are having a employee cook out for lunch on Thursday.  We are setting up tables outside, eating good food and enjoying ourselves, even if it is just for lunch.  We will breath in the fresh air and then get back to what we do best…taking care of our customers.

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