Mailing Lists Are Our Forte

It amazes me that there is so much data to be obtained for mailing lists.  There is hardly anything that we can not get for our customers.  We can get age, income, homeowners, people who have a certain type of car (year, make and model) and many more.  If a customer wants a list count (it is FREE) they give us the demographics that they want and what area and we can tell them how many people meet the particular demographics that they have given us. We can search by zip code or by radius.  We can also do a suppression of their list so that they are not buying names that are already on their own list.  For instance, someone wants to buy 10,000 new names.  They send us their list and we do a suppression so that they are buying only 10,000 new names.

We also offer geo-coding.  Geo-coding software runs a customers list and assigns certain addresses geographically.  A perfect example of this would be a restaurant who has multiple restaurants.  We would geo-code the list to send a mailer only to the customer who lives near each restaurant.


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