Personal Triumph

This time last year, I was walking everyday and had a Facebook memory pop up that said I had logged 49 miles that week.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I can’t even  remember (after all, I am 73) or don’t want to remember I stopped walking.  I have wanted to start back but made all kinds of excuses like, it is too hot, it is too early.  You know the usual excuses for not exercising.  Playing Words With Friends while sitting in my recliner sound like more fun. Well, I started walking again this past weekend and this inspired me to do better.  Last night I joined Fort Sanders Fitness and this morning I was at the gym at 5:30 AM. I walked for 45 minutes before going to work. It was great and I have felt good all day. I am having a fitness evaluation tonight and they are going to design a program for my level of fitness.  Wonder if they have a category for wimpy?

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