Do You Have A Carbon Monoxide Monitor?

On August 25th, 2016, my air conditioner caught on fire.  It was only two years old.  The fire in the AC unit was allowing carbon monoxide in my home.  I called the fire department and they put the fire out and checked the carbon monoxide levels in my home before they left.  About 6 weeks before the fire I wondered about the fire safety in my house so I called Rural Metro and they came out and did a free fire safety check.  Turns out I needed new smoke detectors that were installed with my security system. My carbon monoxide monitor was too old and all my fire extinguishers were out of date.  I updated all of these items.  Did I ever think that I would need a carbon monoxide monitor?  Not really, but years ago my daughter who was living in Cleveland OH, where they have more deaths from carbon monoxide bought one and put it in our house. I urge you to do a fire safety check at your home and I definitely think every home should have a carbon monoxide monitor because even a small fire, such as my AC unit can still be deadly if undetected. Carbon monoxide monitors are available at all the home improvement stores.

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