Suzanne Has Retired

Today is the first day without, Suzanne.  Suzanne has been our estimator/planner for the last 20 years.  Her office was right next to mine and she was not just an employee, but is a friend.  My late husband Ken and Suzanne worked very close together all through the years and he taught her a lot about printing.  Suzanne retired yesterday to spend some much deserved time with her family.  She is the kind of Grandmother who gets up at 4:00 AM to fix breakfast and take her Granddaughter to school.  She has to drive quite a few miles to do this. We had a retirement party for her last week and when I tried to wish her well in her retirement, I cried.  She wants to come and work from time to time and fill in for her replacement Kai.

Kai will do a wonderful job of filling big shoes in his position.  Kai has been in graphic design and printing for many years.  He was promoted from our graphics department to estimator /planner.  I am enjoying working with him and hope that he does not want to retire anytime soon.

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