Everyone Loves Free

Who doesn’t like to get free stuff.  I go to trade shows and each booth is giving out free stuff, such as candy, pens, or just do dads.  You may not be old enough to know what do dads are but they are just little items that people like and pick up at trade shows.  Well, I don’t have any do dads but I do have something FREE.  It is a lot more valuable than pens and such.  At Burns Mailing & Printing we will plan your direct mail campaign for FREE.  My talented team will set down with you and help plan your next direct mail.  We will advise you on the best cut of the paper that saves money, the best design to meet all postal specifications and how to get the very lowest postage possible.  These are three good reasons to email or call to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation.  phyllis@burnsmp.com or call 865 584-2265.

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