Yet Another Reason to Use A Local Printer

Burns has been busy this summer with political printing and mailing.  We are very aware of deadlines, USPS regulations on when the last day to mail and still be guaranteed to have delivery before the election.  If a politician wants to mail after the recommended time, we have them sign a waiver that they are aware that their mail may not be delivered before the election.  Last Friday, a day after the election, I get a political post card in the mail.  It was printed and mail by an online printer in Michigan.  It stated that election day is August 4th and vote early.  I think that this particular candidate should have started his printing and mailing early.  All his money spent amounted to nothing because it was delivered until after the election.  Using a printer/mailer who is local just makes sense, the post card goes directly into the Weisgarber Post Office and delivery is much faster. Besides it is good for the community that the politician will be representing to have the money stay local.

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