Everyone Wants You To Know Their Name – A Personal Touch In Business

One of the things that our customers comment about is that Burns is like a family.  We are a family and we treat our customers like family.  Some of my customers bypass me and just go straight to the person at Burns that they know will be handling their project.  My employees are truly glad to see our customers come in and some customers bring them little gifts such as homemade banana bread, candy or even flowers. We can make decisions quickly because we are not a large corporation.  We do not have answering machines or voice mail at Burns, even though our system is capable of that.  I want a customer to be able to talk to someone when they call our number and not go through push 1 for sales, 2 for graphics etc.  If you call our office you will always get a person who is interested in talking to you.

This is what some of our customers are saying;

  • Phyllis – thank you for going above and beyond. We are truly blessed by you and your staff! Angela is amazing!
    Christmas blessings,
  • I can always count on the great team at Burns to provide the highest quality work and always on time. I truly appreciate the extra efforts they take to find cost saving opportunities for us. I don’t think of Burns as a vendor….they are part of my marketing team.          Angie S.

Come and be part of the Burns family team.  We will know your name.



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