Allow Enough Time For Print/Mail Projects

Do we have digital print on demand?  Yes, we do and in some instances we can print and mail in one day for quantities of 5000 or under, but that is not the norm. For a successful project, I recommend that you meet with us at the inception on the project and let us help plan the project.  We can advise on size, U.S. Postal specifications, paper and much more.  If we are designing the project we will listen to what you want and then proof out to you before printing.  After approval, we will put the job through production.  The time line depends on how busy that he production team is at the time.  That is why it is so important to allow enough time for us to produce a great job.

The mailing list should come to us as soon as possible so that we can clean up the list with a FREE NCOAlink update.  This prevents printing more than is necessary and saves money in the long run.

It makes sense to have a one-stop convenience for print and mailing.


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