My Story And How I Came To Own A Printing/Mailing Company


I was born in Lynch, KY, a coal mining town in Eastern KY.  The entire town was owned by US Steel, including the hospital where I was born and even the schools.  My Mom was from Knoxville and had met my Dad when her Father was there working for US. Steel.  When Oak Ridge was started, my Dad got a job, working on the Manhatten Project, with Union Carbide and we moved to Oak Ridge, behind the fence in the secret city.  When I was six we moved to Ball Camp where I lived until I graduated from Karns High School.  While at Karns I met the love of my life, Ken Burns, at age 17.  We got married at age 19 and we were married for 52 years until he passed away from leukemia in 2014.  Ken and I moved to FL in the space era and I worked for Pan American Airlines at Cape Canaveral. Ken got into the printing industry at Cocoa FL.  We eventually moved back to Knoxville and Ken worked at several printing companies in town.  He decided to start his own printing company in the garage in 1981.  I was Vice President of Toyota of Knoxville, so I supported the family until he got the business started.  After a few years he moved to a commercial location and in 1990, I left my job at Toyota to sell and help manage the printing company.  In 1994 we purchased and moved the printing business to 6131 Industrial Heights Dr.  Along the way we started not only doing printing, but graphic design and direct mail as well.  In 2010 Ken had a stroke and was no longer able to work so I took care of him and ran the business.  I am the sole owner now and we are certified by the State of TN as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). We work on large projects and smaller projects, large companies and small companies.  Our website is and you can follow me on LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter.  I have a blog; burnsonmailing that gives tips on mailing and printing and sometimes just about everyday observations.


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