Word of Mouth Referrals Are The Best

I have always heard that if someone is happy with your service they will tell a few, but if they are unhappy with your service, they will tell a lot.  Fortunately, for me today, one of my new customers told a room of people how happy he was with my service and that I have saved him around a $1000.00 over what he had been paying.  Wow, what that was worth to my company is priceless.  It did not cost me a penny of advertising, it was all because I had taken care of my customer.

At Burns, we take pride in taking care of our customers needs and yes, saving them money when possible.  Because we offer graphic design, printing and mailing, we plan the best way to save money and time and get the lowest postage possible.  A lot of our customers send us copy, pictures and their mailing list and we do the rest.  They never leave their office.  We are indeed a one-stop convenience for graphic design, printing and mailing.  Give us a try!

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