Mailing Lists

When entering data in to your customer or donor base, it must be consistent.  For mailing, we need each field to be separated into first name, middle name, last name,  city, state and zip.  If a mailing company receives your list and it has not been entered consistently,  the list may not be usable, or you may have to pay them to fix the list, if possible.  If  variable data is used, each variable must be in a separate field as well.

If you don’t have a list then we can help you with that.  Customers can give us the area and demographics that they are interested in purchasing and we can get a FREE list count to determine how many addresses meet that criteria. After the quantity is determined, we will provide a FREE estimate on mailing list costs, printing costs, mailing labor and postage. Call me today at 865 584-2265 to get your mailing project started.

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