Life Lessons And Customer Service

Life lessons are learned in many ways.  My granddaughter went off to camp yesterday and I am sure that she will learn a lot about how to get along with others, a little independence, to eat what everyone else is eating and hopefully to have fun.  In business sometimes we forget to have fun at what we are doing.  Yes, we need to earn a living but shouldn’t we enjoy the people that we meet, enjoy serving our customers and enjoy being with our co-workers.

I had an experience with great customer service today and it was done with a smile.  My steering wheel was locked when I got back in the car after a meeting with a customer.  The key would not turn and it was in the broiling sun.  I called Rice Buick and they came over and got me going again and had me get in an air conditioned car while I waited.  Now that is customer service.  If we are in business shouldn’t we go that extra mile for our customers?  I know that Rice Buick just did.

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