Is Your Printer An Actual Printer Or A Print Broker?

Not everyone who sells printing is an actual printing company.  Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc. is a printing company and not a print broker.  We have presses, both digital and offset, we have a complete bindery and do our folding and finishing in house.  We offer graphic design and we are a complete direct mail company with state of the art mailing equipment.

Wouldn’t you rather have a company that has years of experience in the printing industry?  Our consulting is free, to our customers, and we help them with a size that gets the best cut out of the paper that we are printing.  If mailing, we make sure that all the USPS specifications are met.  We offer FREE NCOAlink updates, for our customers mailing lists, so that they are not paying for printing, mailing labor and postage on a mailer that is never going to be delivered if the address is wrong.

Look to the experts in printing, graphic design and mailing for your next project.


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