Political Mail


Everyone moans when they hear the word political mail except me.  At Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc. we love political mail because it means an influx of printing and mailing.   We have been doing political mailings for years and are experienced and knowledgeable  about what politicians need and the quick turn around that is required for their campaign.

  • One stop for graphic design, printing and mailing.
  • Turn key estimates – including estimated postage.
  • List Clean up – FREE NCOAlink (NCOA National Change of Address) updates for our customers.
  • Duplicate Address checks.
  • Quick turn around.
  • Automated intelligent bar-code postal rates.
  • Specialty items such as door hangers, lapel stickers, posters, post cards, push cards, and yard signs.

Just remember when you are getting political mail that it is also helping a small local business.

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