Mailing to Cuba

I got an email from the United States Postal Service today regarding Priority International mail to Cuba.  It brought back memories of 1962 when I was first married and living in Cocoa Florida.  The Cuban missile crisis was underway with everyone concerned that Russia was going to fire missiles on the U.S. from Cuba.  There was no interstate back in those days so all the troops had to  travel down U.S. 1, the main road south.  Ken and I watched as truck after truck filled with troops traveled south.  My family was concerned about me being in Florida because of the crisis.  Well as history will tell you, there were no missiles fired except the ones on Cape Canaveral where we were working.

Now 54 years later we are once again mailing to Cuba and it seems that relations between the two countries are getting better. I think that is a good thing. I might even get to visit sometime.


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