Doing Laser Personalization Right and the Fear of Bar-Codes.

Laser personalized letter can have a great impact on reaching your market.  We all like to see our name instead of a dear friend salutation.  This is especially important for non-profit organizations.  If someone is giving your organization money, they expect you to know their name.  For a long time if you wanted a letter to go into a non-window envelope the letter had to be printed in order and the envelope had to be printed in order and then someone had to hand match the names and put them in the envelope.  With new technology such as the DS-1200 NeoPost inserter addressing equipment that is a thing of the past.  Now when we print the laser personalized letter, we put a bar-code on the back of the letter and our NeoPost inserter reads the bar-code and puts the corresponding address on the non-window envelope.

Now let me address the fear of bar-codes.  Bar-codes are on everything, from groceries to auto parts.  People have become accustomed to seeing bar-codes.  Even if you hand write your Grandma a letter and put a first class stamp on it, when she receives it the letter will have a bar-code applied by the USPS.  Bar-codes are how production becomes more efficient. Non-profits are sometimes hesitant about having a bar-code on the back of the letter.  I don’t think that donors will care if there is a bar-code on the back of the letter, but I do think that they will see their name instead of dear friend and feel better about the organization.  Don’t be afraid of bar-codes, they speed production and using a bar-code for addressing saves you money on postage.


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