In my mailing career I have seen many organizations try to do their mailing in-house because they think that it saves money.  I think that in most cases that is a wrong assumption, especially now with automation at the USPS.  The days of sorting by zip code and taking it to the USPS is over.  Today’s mail must be automated in order to receive the lowest postage. Yesterday one of my employees saw a young women bringing in mail that she had spent 2 weeks labeling and the mailing was not being accepted by the USPS.  My employee helped her fill out the forms and get her post cards accepted.  After visiting with her she found that she was paying .10 more than she should have if the mail was automated.  I estimated that we could save her $1200.00 a month in postage.  Enough to pay us and have over $400.00 left over.

I recommend that if you are doing mail in-house that you check on how much money could be saved if you used a direct mail company.  If you use a direct mail company that is also a printer, such as Burns, then not only would you save money but the convenience would make life so much easier.

Call us today for an estimate and let us set down with you and see how we might save you money.



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