We all want fast!

We live in a fast world.  We are accustomed to fast food, fast computers, fast phones and more.  The direct mailing world is no different.  Our customers want it  designed, printed and mail, fast.  With our digital press we can print and address for mailing all on one pass of the press. If the digital press is not booked heavily, we can print and mail in one day.  Our Print Shop Mail software prints and keeps it in mail stream order, so that our customers can get the lowest postage.  This works best with printing runs of 5000 or under.  If the qty. is over 5000, it is more economical to print on the offset press and address after the direct mail is printed.  The digital press and the offset are two different processes.  One uses toner and the other conventional ink.  They look a little different because toner sits on the paper and ink is absorbed into the paper.


 Our Konica Minolta Biz Hub digital press

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