Coating Applied To The Addressing Area Of A Postcard

June 9th, 2015

I was reminded today of a problem that we come across occasionally, and that is applying a coating on post cards, brochures etc. in the addressing area of the mail piece. We had a post card delivered to us from another printer and it had the coating in the addressing area. If applying a coating it should not be applied to the addressing area because the inkjet cannot lay down a barcode that will pass USPS standards. The ink beads up and that is a problem because all mail going into the bulk mail unit must pass a Merlin test. If the barcode fails Merlin, the postage will increase. How much? We do not know why the increase will be until it has been tested by Merlin standards.

However, if Burns is printing the post cards etc. we make sure that all USPS specifications are met before printing.

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