Recently we have had some personnel changes.  We don’t usually have  turn-over in our employees and the employee who recently left had held the position for 18 years.  The first thought through my head is oh no, this is going to be hard. However,  that has turned out to not be true.  I found out that we had personnel already in place, who I promoted and re-hired someone who had left and wanted to come back.  All in all, it has not been a disaster and in fact, it is much better in several ways.  Even through some equipment break-downs,  the mail just kept flowing through our mail room. Sometimes, we do not make changes that actually need to be made because we just don’t want the hassle. I confess, that this had been the case with me on several occasions.

When I was a young 19 year old bride working at Cape Canaveral, I had a seasoned Air Force veteran comment on how no one was irreplaceable.  He said “if you don’t believe it just stick your finger in a bowl of water and see the hole that is left when you pull it out”. The lesson that I have learned is get the best people in the right places but don’t hesitate to change if that person does not work well.  My philosophy on hiring is, hire people smarter than you and then get out of their way.  My team is awesome!

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