Women Owned Business

September 20th, 2012

Last year Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc received our certification issued by the State of TN as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE).  It seems that there is more interest in government organizations and some private sector companies in sending business to minority and women owned businesses.  Now I am not resting on my laurels and expecting a hand out from someone but it is nice that there is more interest in diversity.  Has it gotten me business that I might not have had otherwise, the answer is yes but not to a large degree.  We have one company in Atlanta that works for the State of TN that was looking for a women owned printer and found me on the Governor’s Diversity List.  We have been doing a monthly job for them now for several years.  The mayor of Knoxville recently mandated that the City of Knoxville, TN give more business to minority and women owned business and we just got a purchase order from them.  Our County mayor is trying to be very small business friendly.  I think that the local government is realizing that small business is a big part of how the economy in any given area is doing. We may not have 500 jobs but we have 16-20 jobs and that adds up.

Since I am on my soap box, I just want to remind everyone that no matter what area of the country that you live, it is important to do business with local businesses.  That little shop or store that you love may not be there next year if you don’t continue to do business with them.  Yes, online printing my be a little cheaper but you cannot get the service that a local printer can give you. You can’t sit down with their team and plan your project, look at the paper, get advice for design and pick up your order, in some instances in one day.

To all my customers who continue to use our services year after year, I sincerely thank you.  We have a lot of customer loyalty and after awhile they seem like family.

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