What Seems Old to Me is New to Some

July 26th, 2012

I think as a business owner, that we forget that everyone does not know what I know about the printing/mailing industry so we forget to put out useful information to potential customers every day.  It is easy to think, everyone knows what we do.  Everyone does not know what we do and here is a perfect example.  We are on the phone with someone who has been placing direct mail jobs with us and they mention that they have to get it printed first.  When we ask for the opportunity to quote the printing, they respond with “oh, you do printing too?”  Our name is Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc.  We specifically included the words mailing and printing into our name so that everyone would know that indeed we do mailing and printing.  You have heard the saying that making assumptions can make an ass out of you and me?  Well that is so true.  We cannot afford to make assumptions, it may cost us the next job. Although I have been doing this job for 22 years I have to remind myself to not assume that my customers know all of our services.

If you are reading my blog for the first time, check out our services at http://www.burnsmp.com.  Oh by the way, we offer graphic design, printing and mailing.


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